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Tutor - Lessons in Maths, English and Science.
  1. Booster sessions to build skills and confidence in core subjects- English and Maths.

  2. Exam revision and entrance exam preparation

    AQA, Edexcel, OCR and WJEC

  3. A wide range of subjects offered

  4. Key stages 1-4 and differing ability needs

Extra Lessons after school tuition

Westhoughton, Leigh, Bolton, Horwich, Lostock, Chorley, Blackrod, Wigan.

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High quality tailor-made tuition is available to your child from primary through to college in a variety of subjects. Should your child be struggling or facing exams, tuition can help. From SATs, entrance exams and through to GCSEs or even simply boosting your child's skills. As qualified teachers with twenty years' experience of teaching within mainstream, private and special needs we have a range of resources and experience to draw upon to assist your child. Unlike tuitition centres we do not have groups of children, so that your child receives the attention that they deserve.

The benefits of tuition are customised lessons, more individual time and attention with less distractions, increased student confidence, help with homework and exam practise and a more enjoyable form of study with interesting resources. From an initial assessment your child will have a tailor-made individual programme of study devised to suit their needs and temperament. In addition, we will ensure that they gain the skills to study independently, so that they are not simply spoon-fed; this will ensure that they have the skills for future educational opportunities. With access to on-line teaching resources we can compare your child's results with those nationally, as well as keeping up-to-date with educational changes. In addition, by tutoring within our own home we provide an inviting homely atmosphere, whilst keeping distractions at bay. Furthermore, we have a wealth of resources, such a text books, worksheets, educational games and software at hand that can be utilised on the spot to allow adaptability to your child's needs during a session.

Evidence shows that for children who spent an hour more than average on homework or revision, increased their grades at GCSE by 23 points, according to research undertaken by Cambridge University. This is the equivalent of at least improving by two grades. In a study by the University of London it was found that a tutored student performed better at GCSE than non-tutored peers. In addition, they also found that a qualified teacher providing tuition in reading saw students improve by two-thirds. Such interventions and personalised study are rarely available within mainstream. A teacher has a class of 30 students for approximately an hour, that leaves little or no time for individualised teaching. Little wonder then that at secondary school 60% of children do not have a conversation with an adult.